matt borkowski | a most erudite man

a most erudite man

after drinking all night

with Edgar Poe,

I decided to take his advice–

I’ll never write about talking birds.

from Big Hammer No. 3, Iniquity Press & Vendetta Books which is available by clicking here…

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  1. hello(who is reading this?)/KEN,did we used to live together on jersey ave?(hey,man!)/i’m trying to catch up with miriam,inge,ian,matt,the whole halliday borkowski clan,dig,i finally got a computer/been here twentyfive years now,thom

  2. Hey Thom –

    Wow! Great to hear from you! Yeah, we used to live together on Jersey Ave. I remember Lemke well. You’re lucky to be in Canada, especially over the last ten years. My e-mail is I’m on Facebook, so is Matt. Miriam died some years back. Matt can tell you how to get in touch with his daughters.

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