david plumb | hi, i'm a poet

Hi, I’m a Poet

See me
Poet me
You know
One of those
A, you know
Poets? Yes

Language poet
Yes, no, I’m a magical thinking
No, well yes
But look
I’m a poet
You were there
Yes at the
Poetry, yes

But no
I’m a poet
Beat, no poet
But that’s maybe
Yes, but look here
I’m a poet
I mean really
You can see
Between the lines
That I have
To say
Surreal, that’s it
Like, like, like
You know a poet
A street poet
Close to slam but no
I’m a pet
No poet
Poet, that’s what
I said
The anthology yes
And he’s not
You know it’s
Like Delmore
Said at the bear
No I mean bar,
Like, Like bar.
the White Horse
No it was the Orange Cafe
He said, “There’s
only one thing better
than a second rate
poet and that’s
a first rate poet and you
my friend
are no poet at all.”
That’s what he said
I’m a poet
Listen to this

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