dexter selboy | 3 poems


You told me not to be so bleak and cynical

i told you i had been
to Burnham-on-Sea
where hate was the new laughter
the trip back
in a taxi
steered by speed

to a doorway
soaked in piss

so you told me stories, of
and that i am not so bleak and cynical
as these
to cheer me up

A letter

Dear god
why me
not me

my dads dad

Trying to be him
i’d taken the most obvious
and easy path
to emulate him

and it took 8 years
to realise
he hadn’t been him
so easily

Dexter Selboy about Dexter Selboy

i’ve been writing some form of poetry for about 14 years now. i grew up on a slag heap called Radstock and then moved to a place where nothing happens called Bath. It’s nice here, Nothing ever happens. You can walk down the street with no shoes on and no-one will care. I’ve started using condoms as page markers. It’s as close and final as i get to romance. Originally i confined my self to rhyming, but have found a lot more comfort in formless and free poetry.

More on Dexter Selboy can be found on his web page by clicking here…

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