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A Memorial Reading for Todd Moore at the Harwood Art Center, Albuquerque, NM

Todd Moore (1937 – 2010)

A Memorial Reading

Tracklist Disk ONE: 1. Mark Weber, MC 2. Todd Moore 3. Mark Weber 4. Brent Leake 5. 6. Alex Gildzen 7. Cirrelda Snider-Bryan 8. Mark Weber 9. Marilyn Stablein 10.11. Lawrence Welsh 12. Don McIver 13. Kyle Laws 14. Mark Weber 15. Bob Reeves Tony Moffeit Mark Weber

Tracklist: Disk TWO: 16. Dale Harris 17. Richard Vargas 18. Bill Nevins 19. Mitch Rayes 20.21. Teresa Gallion Gary Brower

This reading took place in tribute to Todd Moore at The Hardwood Art Center in Albuquerque, NM on May 22, 2010. Todd’s own reading from “The Name Is Dillinger” was produced by Todd Moore, J. A. Deane and Mark Weber for Zerxpress (2001) and is used with permission. The complete 2 CD recording is available from Zerxpress, 725 Van Buren SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108 and a download version via Sound’n Word.

Edited by Bruce Holsapple. Cover photo by Pete Jonsson. Copyright 2010 the Estate of Todd Moore, Zerxpress and Vox Audio PO Box S94 Magdalena NM 87825

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