Everyman today by Ken Greenley

Everyman Today

is a powerful force
Unstoppable in fact
If he knows he’s everyman
The problem today is
Watches too much TV
listens to too much talk radio
Gets all his information solely
from corporate-owned american sources
So everyman today
is brainwashed
thinks he has nothing in common
with everyday people
Everyman today
sees himself as an enterprising entrepreneur
Sympathizes with and emulates
Billionaires, celebrities and politicians
Everyman today
honestly believes they’re gonna
let him in on their exclusive, lavish party
Everyman today
thinks he’s gonna be one of them
thinks he already is one of them
Everyman today
doesn’t know he’s everyman anymore
the loss of power
and everything else.

Ken Greenley February 4, 1958 – February 12, 2020 was a writer who lived in Denver, Colorado. The number of places he’s lived is only exceeded by the number of job’s he’s had. Greenley liked to explore the themes of class division (in a supposedly classless country), the struggle to stay spiritual in the modern world, and the growth episodes that occur in childhood. He thought art, particularly writing, should combat media brainwashing, and should examine the clash between what we’re told and what really happens. He tried to make his material as funny as possible, because he found it hard to make modern life seriously, and considered it his mission “to make people laugh and think at the same time.”

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