olly bryan | 2 new poems

Lost Love Blues

I don’t want a man who loves so aggressively
well when you find your man who loves less than me
don’t ever come running back to me.

Ritualistic Blues (the dance of life itself)

the ordinary walls of dark rooms witness advanced thinking
strange flowers bud despite the lack of light
and instruments explode with fertile human spirit

it could be that nothingness is exchanged for openness in life

nature has its own rhythm
the mind is histrionic

psychic suffering is a worldly song called fundamental blues
inspiration is the nurse that sings thru

what’s your weapon?

absinthe hashish shotgun currency strings or shears

remember folks
psychotropic drugs expand awareness
but truth will still fade like the morning mist

grotesque ringmasters –
sit at the window but remember to feed the birds
loosen your mind but always keep it tight to the terrain.

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