rd armstrong | e/or living amongst the mangled

RD Armstrong

shines a light on the lower depths of health care in 21st century America.

Living Amongst the Mangled

“Mostly one feeling this collection gives me, often pretty plainly expressed in poems here, is that Armstrong, also an artist, is creating meaning for himself as he goes along, the book, as microcosm, is the mirror of the macrocosm, the man Armstrong and the human, me or you, is using the medium of words (maybe canvas and stone too, I don’t know) to create a reason to be, a locus, a place to exist, in what we all know is ultimately nothing, but who cares? And yet he does not deal in comforting illusions, the words are responsive to the physi-cality, and the confused social and ideological take on that, around him, and they take responsibility for the fidelity of memory. By which I mean, these poems don’t give the feel of being lies.” —David McLean (from a review o/Fire and Rain, Vol. 2)

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