scott moore | baja


Through imaginary walls
Or guarded gates
A winding dusted trail where
Real bandito’s and cowboys
Play for Keeps
Rattlesnakes and cacti
Line roads of phony gringo tolls
Thumping cats and coyotes
With no time to stop
The madness blurs with
Chick let singing children
And script free pharmacies
On the backside, you pray
In jail house liquor stores
To Fuel adrenaline wheels
Tequila worms spill over
For the crazy miles
Saw dust stops and dancing tables
Battery cables for the Blind
Peso’s paid for safe passage
Are Rolling dice at best
Better call the devil
To grant steel balls
With those
Doors open
Into the cracks of an
Underbelly carnival
With animals as audience
The tightrope readies
Dare walk this line
On cocaine sands
And camel toe tracks
A pace so quick and nimble
Blood pulsing through a hose
Luck allowed
Brain and body intact
Your parts not rotted off
Thank some higher power
For another ride granted

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