scott moore | nola and the prince

Nola and the Prince

His real name escapes me
The look still remains
Etched in the darkest
Parts of me

The blackest eyes
Hair and skin
Perfectly matched
Smoother in delivery
Impeccable in chemistry
He offered me the town
For free

To the French quarter
His friend, Top Hat Johnny
Had a flat almost sweeter
Than the wine poured

T’s business, raves and x
And parts unknown
His show taboo
We watched
The zombies bounce
My clueless miss
My last taste of innocence

We high stepped through
Criss cross streets and alleyways
To a private club
With no name
Top Hat cut the strings

Once inside, our entourage
Parted the masses of maybes
That gravitated for attention
He was underground
And Top Hat celebrity

Our friend smiling graciously
Always on the fringe
In the darkness of his honor
I swallowed 2 and hit the bottle
Six of us lit up that club

We all dry humped Top Hat’s girl
T, stayed cool with that
Knowing the lamb
Was yet to be sacrificed
The body to be borrowed

Spider webs, candy legs
And voodoo eyes
We cemetery in Creole
He cast me spellbound
Releasing hold once bled

His #’s disconnected
Three days later
The fog remained
The soul he stole
The one I watched
Never returned whole

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