a.d. winans | untitled


the preacher man
don’t believe in evolution
the conman don’t believe
in revolution
the priest has run out
of absolution

no more autographs
no more forced laughs
no more hanging around
the zoo swapping stories
with failed gurus

going to smoke me some dope
with my good friend the pope
going to make love nice and slow
read me some Edgar Allen Poe
lose myself in the late night
Letterman show

going to make a cameo appearance
on the 6 PM news
play me some John Lee Hooker blues
going to penetrate a prerogative
bugger the cosmos
evolve evolution into a revolution
put anarchy on the stock market
nuke technology outlaw e-mail
declare Da Da the official English language

going to hang religion from a tree
make John Brown
the new national anthem
turn outlaws into in-laws
Landowners into donors
put Bukowski’s face on
Mount Rushmore
pay homage to a whore

going to name a bus
after Rosa Park
put a little nookie
in every fortune cookie

going to expose Saint Nick
as a chick with a 12 inch dick
going to invite Sarah Palin
to ride through Chinatown
dressed in a Monica Lewinsky

going to talk to the fly
in the soup
alone or in a group
going to sing a ballad
with Lorca and a band of gypsies
stop off at the manager
and have a talk with
The Lone Ranger

going to put an end to hemorrhoids
outlaw humanoids
going to offer a truce
bring back Lenny Bruce
make politicians ride the caboose

going to hook up with Charlie Plymell
give the poetry biz boys hell
going to go back to school
erase the golden rule

going to feed a vulture
starve off mass culture
going to turn evolution
into a revolution
make poetry an institution

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