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Words by Dennis Leroy Kangalee, directed by Nina Fleck. In support of rising dismay and rebellion against Capitalist greed, corporate thinking, and the dumbing down of our society, we have released the opening poem & title song to the Nomad Junkie’s humble revolt: “Gentrified Minds”,a theatrical performance about corporate friendly gentrification, the suburbanization of NYC, and erosion of a true counter-culture. Music by The Children of Warhol. Song composed by Bob Kuchinov & Dennis Leroy Kangalee. Video edited & Mixed by Isaiah Singer. Downtown Urban Theater Festival. Manhattan Movement & Arts Center, April 22, 2011.

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  1. Great video from a great play! I originally saw you at the Downtown Urban Theater Festival where you and Nina first presented “Gentrified Minds.” It’s great to see you both continue to shed light on the darkness and give us your rambunctious beauty. Definitely a poem/performance for our times. Good luck!

  2. Brilliantly succinct; well paced and directed…wonderfully performed…how come spoken word poetry can’t always be this fun and daring? when is the album coming out?? Cheers, Fulani

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