eddie mount | barren

There’s beauty in this barren landscape
Leafless trees frozen in a timeless dance
Its branches fused swords
Long shadows like little pieces of night
Move in time to some dark tide

The starless sky a blanket
The only light night creatures
Predators whose retinas flare and flash in their ceaseless hunt for victims

You can hear the unknown dead
Buried in mass graves
In conspiratorial whispers
Chanting in some long dead language
Tonic and fifth
Tonic and fifth

Breathes come in hushed prayers
Invisible Saints
coo rivers made of tears
Sucked down to the bowels of the earth by the parched sands of time
To always return at pain’s need

You can be anyone
In this night
Wear the monster’s mask
Heal the sick
Write scripture in blood
Upon the doors of the dying innocent

Seedlings that have fought so hard
And survived so much
Punching out of the Earth’s skin
And reaching in glory towards the sky and God
They are all doomed
The last bastions
Replaced by shoebox houses
And starter homes
What was ours
is no longer
Owned by faceless suits
Soul fuckers
Corporations with harmless sounding names

The light offends me
It reveals too much
I bury myself in the leaves of the last forest of this world
And seek Morpheus’s respite
Grant me dreams Morpheus
Let me dream

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