eddie mount | the softness of rita

Tombstone grey eyes
Gives lie to her fuck me crayon red lips

Oval shaped
Her mouth pursed expectantly
Tongue exposed
A viper poised to strike death

But those eyes
Those damn eyes…

I am
Immersed in soft billowy clouds
Of ivory colored passion
Enfolded in the softness of Rita

I whisper a childish sigh
The world is reduced
into heat and flesh

Choreographed moans
Marching across ancient battlefields
Barely breathing
Drifting between space and time

I’m in love again

She is an opium induced dream
Her morphine coated lips
Adds sweetness to purchased pleasure
Entreating forgetfulness
Nerves scream and vibrate
As Apollo works his lyre

Her vacuous tombstone eyes
Rain a single tear

in the softness of Rita

I return from…
That whirlpool
From another time…
Another place…
Her soft smile
Knew my need

I’m in love again

I ask her

“Do you love me?”

Exhaled cigarette smoke
Blinds me

” yes
“Always, love…

I believe her

But those eyes…
Those damn eyes

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