eddie mount | einstein said…

Einstein said…

Stop it
Stop telling me God loves me
Stop telling me it is a beautiful day
Stop telling me you care

Paint the world in gallons of your cheap store bought love
Hang your desperate aphorisms
Your maxims
Your adages
On the wall of time
You can hide the skulls
If you use enough of them

Stop telling me nature is beautiful
Tell that to the dead in New Zealand
To the 200,000 Tsunami victims
To the hurricanes, droughts, tornados
Tell it to the Okies in the Dust Bowl
Tell it to the Black Death victims
Nature’s gift to the Middle Ages
The highly evolved bacterium Yersinia pestis

Stop quoting poets
With Hallmark card jello
With the depth of gutter puddles
Stop shoving my face in troughs of shit
Telling me I should thank God for the meal

Bend the light of truth
With whatever prism works for you
Pick the slice of light you shine in your darkness
I prefer the whole spectrum
You see more

The world is at best
If you listen close enough
You can hear the tin cup rattle
And the tumbling of the dice
As the skeletal hands of chance
Throws your number down
They don’t always land on green felt
With big titted cocktail waitresses
Plying you with free drinks
Those bones roll
In alleys
Those bones are always rolling

Einstein said
I cannot believe God would play dice with the universe
Guess what genius
He does

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