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Directed by Eric Minh Swenson

Coagula Publications presents our FIRST hardcover book release: YOU NEED NEVER LOOK OUT A WINDOW: The Complete Coagula Poems by GERALD LOCKLIN. …Despite scores of published poetry collections, Gerald Locklin remains as his friend Charles Bukowski described him: “one of the great undiscovered talents of our time”. Well, Coagula Art Journal discovered his insightful works about looking at art and responding to pictures throughout history and began publishing his observational masterpieces about masterpieces in a regular appearing section “LiterArture” in 1999.

Volume 1 of this collection is a chronology through art history from King Tut to DeKooning, over 80 poems. The paperback was released last month on Amazon. Coagula Publications is releasing a limited edition 100 hardcover books signed by the author and including a limited edition print by artist Sharon Suhovy of her artwork “Pleasure” which is featured on the cover of the Amazon Paperback. The mounted print is suitable for framing and is signed and numbered by the artist.

Since Locklin has a long association with critical writing about Ernest Hemmingway and the writer’s time in Cuba, the book release will be at PERICO’S CUBAN Gourmet Restaurant in Huntington Park where a traditional PIGROAST will take place. Come enjoy a delicious plate of LECHON, meet Gerald Locklin and Sharon Suhovy and pick up a limited edition hardcover, or bring your Amazon paperback for an autograph by this living legend.

Poet Gerald Locklin was a regular feature in Coagula Art Journal for more than a decade with poetry devoted exclusively to the subject of specific art and artworks. Volume One of his complete Coagula Poems reproduces these poems in chronological order (instead of the order they appeared in the magazine) beginning with ancient Egypt, quickly working through the Dutch painters into the Impressionists and others before arriving at the halfway point of his coverage, abstract painting at the end of the 1950s. Locklin is a self-effacing anti-formalist and not aligned with any school of art writing – his poetry is about life and the reflections on these artists and their art reflect his views on life free of the jargon of the art academies. The Print edition of Coagula Art Journal was founded in 1992 as an antidote to the theory-addled and fashion-driven forces in the world of contemporary art.

Directed by Eric Minh Swenson. For more info on Eric Minh Swenson or project inquiries visit his website |  ART SERIES: | MUSIC VIDEOS:

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