kell robertson memorial show

Kell Robertson Memorial Show

Friends of the late great Kell Robertson have organized a memorial show for the old poet/picker/prophet/pendejo next month at The Mine Shaft Tavern in Madrid, N.M.

The show, scheduled for 7 pm Feb. 11 will feature Kell’s poems and songs performed by poets Bill Nevins, Argos MacCallum, Kendall McCook, Lisa Gill,Tony Moffeit, Lynne Robinson , Gary Brower , Mary Mier, Brian Dickson, Don McIver, Martha Straba, and Penny Read, Kell’s daughter from San Francisco.

Kell’s songs will be performed by Mike Good, Tom Irwin,and Kevin Hayes, of the Old Crow Medicine Show.

This shindig is free. Organizers say “The Mine Shaft is a family friendly restaurant offering a full delicious menu.”Steve Terrell

Much more on Kell Robertson can be found on his tribute web page by clicking here…

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  1. Kell was my Uncle. I am so sorry I did not here about this until today 2/10/21. I live in California and can’t make the memorial tomorrow. Would love to talk to someone about his last years. Please e mail me! I have very fond memories of him from when I was a young child:)

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