james campbell | fulfillment? & this is not about torture


Life’s cool
but I want to
fucking kill me
loving everything
not wanting to play
the game
like a cannibal
with some damn danimals
in front of me
oh no
i dig too deep
and I see what reeks
inside of me
the bits of spic and
dag nabbit
I mean to see it
but I do not mean
to have it.

this is not about torture

sitting in a chair
tied up
and sliced up
hoping I
don’t have a lighter
while fighting
the supersoaker
full of gasoline
your face
looks like
you say
won’t do you much
but some
stays in you
and in this state
it festers
now you’ll do your best to call me
and you’ll do it fast or
i’ll bring the best
of the rest
out of you
goes the zippo
and spark
goes the zippo
and fwoosh
go the flames
and silent goes the

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  1. this reminds me what Allen Ginsberg said about
    poetry is words supercharged and empowered
    that makes your hair stand on end

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