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Vietnam poets and writers are the niggahs of American Literature
Always bringing up forbidden topics
Ideas and images that make people weep or get angry
The cyberspace of Vietnam won’t go away
The machinegunned the blown apart bodies of youth, truth and beauty
Keep screaming keep moaning refusing to die
The blood refuses silence wails like ambulances and fire engines
Enroute to civilizations largest conflagration
Silence these bards
Let us go on with our lives
Our mistakes
Our mistakes


Fat Dominican cigar between my lips
Gift of a friend
Almost mid-July
More than a thousand thousand July’s ago
I lived in a country called Vietnam
Youth was the booze in my blood
I didn’t dream of growing old
Only of going home in one piece
I dreamed my way through that war
I’m still dreaming and when I awake
I’ll dream some more…


Maybe I’ll go back into the woods
Like some of us Vietnam vets have done
Reject the rules of civilization
Unclothe myself
Like a wilderness Baptist
Burning the uniforms of the world
Honey and berries
My daily bread


We sit in a circle
Bonded by a nightmare
Sharing pieces of our puzzled lives
We are not alone
There are ghosts


I leave the gatherings of aging vets
Weeping with wounds
A nightmare is killing me
Week by week


Was the long pass
In the final seconds of the game
The last instant of childhood
With the dead as witnesses
Thirty years later
It is still something to tell
Those moments of hell


The bully of history
Will snatch the silver spoons of empire
From the mouths of its well heeled children
The road beneath our feet is suddenly embers
All songs are screams

Lamont B. Steptoe

is a poet / photographer / publisher born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is author of eight books of poetry including In the Kitchens of the Master, Mad Minute, Uncle’s South Sea China Blue Nightmare, Cat Fish and Neckbone Jazz, Dusty Road, Common Salt and Trinkets and Beads. Steptoe is a father, Vietnam veteran, and founder of Whirlwind Press.

from BIG HAMMER No. 14

Welcome to Big Hammer #14

for whom who keeps a record:

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