the broadsider | vol. 2, series 1-17 | 2010

Dear poets, poetry lovers, and friends,

The second issue of The Broadsider, Volume 2, Series 1-17, is now online at:

My thanks to all the poets who appear in this issue. Your poems are what make this series a success. Special thanks to Alessandro Isaacs for his technical expertise and good will.

Sales from the first issue completely financed the second issue and I expect the second issue will do the same for the third. If you’re interested in supporting The Broadsider and would like to purchase complete sets (signed or unsigned) of either Volume 1 or 2, details are on The Broadsider site: Enjoy the poetry and pass the word. And if you have a website or a blog please consider creating a link to The Broadsider. Every connection is significant. Take care, Paul Fericano

The Broadsider | YU News Service | The Broadsider, Volume 1, Series 1-17. 2010: Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, Suzanne Frost, William Taylor Jr, Pat Schneider, Art Beck, Marie Harris, Ted Kooser, Peg Quinn, Billy Collins, Debbie Yee, David Highsmith, Robert Peake, Sara Larsen, Tom Stolmar, Diane di Prima, Nancy Gross, Shelley Gault

Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

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