a.d. winans | how i want to be remembered

How I Want to be Remembered

Play me some Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash
Toast me with some sour mash
Have six young girls do a dance
One hooker in leather vest and pants
Carry my ashes to the top of Mount TAM
with a lone Monk trailing behind.

Strawberries and champagne served
at sunset
No open bar
But free to all
Irish whiskey tequila vodka and champagne
served by a French lass
with a saucy ass

Set up speakers
on each side of the hill
Play some poetry of Kaufman and Micheline
Blast some Dylan to the birds flying overhead
Stir the juices in the living dead

Put a shot glass in the box carrying
my ashes
A pen and a sheet of blank paper

No flowers no tears
Just that lone monk doing
a Buddhist chant
Let the sunset be my headstone
My poems my marker

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  1. Al is such an inspiration. He is a magically honest and real poet. His images jump out at me and this poem is no exception. Love it!

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