jake st. john | satori & subterranean skyline


Woke up
And got drunk
Found my way to the streets
And tripped along the tracks
Passed a café
I read poetry at
When I was you

And nothing was empty

And a car in the street

And horns

And disruption

$2 in my pocket
Enough for black coffee
And the paper
It’s full of news I can get for free
With my eyes open
And my ears to the ground

And somewhere

On a television

The State of the Union
Is being read

And I

Subterranean Skyline

It’s 8:40 p.m.
And I’m on a rooftop
In New London
I can’t describe the stars
And how they blink like eyes
But they’re still right there

And I can’t help staring

And everyone’s talking

And I hear it all

Every word

Every thought

And I know I’m young
And callow
Too arrogant to notice
That I’ve gotten older
With the turn of a page
And Dead River Time
Who trickled thinly
Through the years
Has risen above the levee

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