poems for all


They’re scattered around town — on buses, trains, cabs, in restrooms, bars, left along with the tip; stuffed into a stranger’s back pocket. Whatever. Wherever. Small poems in small booklets half the size of a business card. A project of the 24th street irregular press, which cranks them out to be taken by the handful and scattered like seeds by those who want to see poetry grow in a barren cultural landscape.

If you would like to receive a few poems, we’re happy to send them to you. The poems are free. Please send a small envelope — business sized is fine — with no more than $1 worth of postage. I can send you a bunch of poems for that buck. PFA is a small operation, so please be patient. At this time we cannot send complete sets.

Please note that Poems-For-All is essentially one guy –me– making little poetry booklets as fast as he possibly can within those moments wedged between work (running a bookstore) and family. The date on the website checklist indicates the date your poem was entered into the Series, not necessarily the date it was printed. It might take a while before you get your books — but the author will always get their books before anyone else sees them. Polite emails checking in on the status of your poem booklet(s) are always welcome. So I thank you in advance for your patience. And for being part of the Poems-For-All Series!

Richard Hansen
1008 24th Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

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