seth howard | her memory


We came together in a place of stone
Cliffs hung over the ocean waves
And all at once we found ourselves
Amidst bleached beaches
White as bone


Was it her memory or yours
That kept us here after all this time?
And taught us the way the wind felt
And taught us to hear the chime


The tower stood before us
As we cried
The church and gravestones
Stretched out
Housing all of those
Who died


And on and on the sad song went
When Autumn days waxed on
Tomorrow and tomorrow and Tomorrow’s
Dreams were daydreamed
With a yawn


But I never thought
It would be the last time I would
See your smiling face
I never thought it would be
The last time you would
Make my true heart race

I am a poet out of New London Connecticut who graduated from UCONN Storrs. I lived abroad in Japan for 3 years where I studied at Sophia University (An international Jesuit school) and taught English on the side in cafes and a community college in Ikebukuro.

I have traveled extensively across Japan where I enjoyed writing poetry and short stories. I have also traveled to China, Taiwan, and Korea. I feel that my time spent in the orient has been a big influence on my writing, and often think back on my time there fondly.

Now I contribute to the Del Sol Poetry Reading in New London. I like to experiment with different poetic forms, and am interested in cultivating my art. Oddly enough I was a visual artist foremost, and even now I think that influences my style. I like to form clear, understandable images.

I guess the best way to describe myself would be to say that I am a minimalist with romantic tendencies. I value a certain lucidity of language and don’t like poetry that I can’t understand. Fellow poet Tom Weigel always said that my poems were “very subtle.” I hope you can pick up on my voice.

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