b.z. niditch | blaue reiter personnae

“Der Blaue Reiter” (The Blue Rider), painted 1903 by Wassily Kandinsky


Perspective in music and art,
man, with a void light shadow
with the two heads of Schoenberg
in a monochromatic world
we encounter in surreal fluids
glimmering out of once unknown
powers of modern sounds
freeing itself from all convention
toward a new tension of chords
like Klee with puzzles of color
poured into new passages
in an open virile configuration
and Kandinsky wishing
for musical paintings
combing and combining
in our shape of a harmonic
conversation only Baudelaire
in his wounded abyss
or Wagner in his leitmotifs
had earlier envisioned knowing
how memory will contribute
to poetry, art, music as one.

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