b.z. niditch | the music masters

A writer is someone who can make a riddle out of an answer. — Karl Kraus


Listening to La Valse
when everything is quiet,
as the music masters
behind the curtain
create an economy so false
better make a sign,”Freiheit,”
for a certain audience
whose shares
are a ring for cash
listening to the high brass
who will play
until all notes crash,
this is die welt
of the whole company
Hoover, Hitler,
even Roosevelt,
the waltz seems
never over, just begins
with another round
of Strauss,
so we put up our violins
over our chins,
listen to beautiful sounds
through the din of applause,
but with your permission
during intermission
have an ear to pause
to hear a quotation
of Karl Kraus.

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