bradley mason hamlin | jazz surf

Jazz Surf

this riff
repeats drunken beat
on edge of mind
crazy urgency
for big fat horns
barking giant bullfrogs

summer sun blazing
shining down sunglass shades
& moonshine mugs

force fields
power up
as bodies undress dreaming
time traveling
easy as ancient aliens
without benefit
of machine

a chorus of
naked breasted wild women
raise voice, screaming
giving flight
for angel’s wings

huge tubas
explode bubblegum bubbles
on cracker edge
of crumbling universe

breathe, baby,
breathe punk rock comic book
some of them polluted
we’ll deal with it

in endless summers
of saltwater crashing
‘cross mud sweet shores

there is
laughter & fire
& fucking
there is a great white shark
playing a saxophone
as the sun explodes

in July
California fingers
grasshopper dance
on seashell trumpets

for that
intoxicating riff

and that surf
each time
it pulls away
and rolls back home …

Bradley Mason Hamlin

is an American writer, veteran of the United States Navy, and alumni of the University of California, where poet Gary Snyder dubbed Hamlin “The Road Warrior of Poetry!” Hamlin was born in Los Angeles and currently lives in Sacramento, California with his wife, Nicky Christine, and their tribe of suburban children and wild cats. His latest book of poems, California Blonde, is available from Black Shark Press Click the cover above if you are interested in buying this book or just go here…

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