bukowski | an anthology of poetry & prose about charles bukowski | silver birch press

bukowski | an anthology of poetry & prose about charles bukowski | silver birch press


An Anthology of Poetry & Prose
About Charles Bukowski

© COPYRIGHT 2013, Silver Birch Press, Melanie Villines. ISBN-13: 978-0615845494 – ISBN-10: 0615845495 – FIRST EDITION, SEPTEMBER 2013. Email: silver@silverbirchpress.com | Web: silverbirchpress.com | Blog: silverbirchpress.wordpress.com | Book Design: Silver Birch Press. Cover Art: Charles Bukowski by Mark Erickson and Katy Zartl, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. For more information about this portrait and other artwork by the artists, visit their websites: www.markerickson.com, www.birgitzartl.com. Note: The authors and artists included in this collection retain all rights to their work and have agreed to allow Silver Birch Press a one-time use of their material in this volume (print, ebook, and audiobook versions). Mailing Address: Silver Birch Press, P.O. Box 29458, Los Angeles, CA 90029



It comes down to this: we miss Charles Bukowski. We felt better knowing he was around somewhere—East Hollywood, San Pedro, or place or places unknown. Almost twenty years after Bukowski’s passing, people continue to feel his presence—not just in his words, but in his spirit. If I tried to narrow down the essence of Buk’s influence to one word, I’d say, “hope.” He gives people the feeling that whatever is going on, it’s okay, they’ll get through it, learn from it, and, if they’re lucky, turn it into a story.

The point of this collection is to put our collective thoughts, feelings, and impressions together, share our stories, our poems, our portraits, and join in our joint missing of Bukowski. Now whenever we feel the pang of Buk’s absence, we can pick up this book and connect with others who feel the same way.

In this volume, we’ve collected poetry, essays, memoirs, short stories, vignettes, book excerpts, biographies, fantasies, satires, parodies, quips, quotes, homages, and other writing about Charles Bukowski plus portraits of the great author from over seventy-five writers and artists around the world—in a celebration of the man who meant something special to so many.

My deepest appreciation to our contributors, and a special thank you to our contributing editors—Jocelyne Desforges, S.A. Griffin, Suzanne Lummis, David Roskos, Joan Jobe Smith, and Eddie Woods—who were instrumental in bringing fellow writers and artists into these pages to share their work featuring Charles Bukowski.

I can think of no other author who has affected so many people on such a deep, personal level. Why do we care so much about Charles Bukowski? Some of the reasons are inside these pages. Enjoy!

“That was all a man needed: hope.
It was lack of hope that discouraged a man. “


bukowski | an anthology of poetry & prose about charles bukowski | silver birch press

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