d.a. pratt | high heels and a smile

High heels and a smile

I once read a woman’s description
of how she become a nude model
for either Playboy or some magazine like it –
I’ve long remembered one sentence
with which she summed up everything:
“Suddenly, there I was, wearing
nothing but high heels and a smile …”

I read this comment a long time ago,
long before what digital photography
has done to us and to erotica … it’s still
important to smile, when posing nude and
when one is fully dressed … I’m not
so sure about the high heels … high heels,
not just higher heels … stilettos …

There’s a time and place for high heels
(my mother worked in retail all her life
wearing high heels and that wasn’t good)
but they shouldn’t be so utterly ubiquitous –
not in erotica, not in a lot of places … but
there’s no doubt that they’re still sexy, yes,
still sexy after all these years … sigh …

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  1. D.A. Pratt observes erotica for those who expect her to make
    good to advertise on a billboard of pop culture in her smile and high heels with extra dressing as part of her venue in
    a voyeur’s menu of hot sauced cuisine.
    BZ Niditch

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