d.a. pratt | being mischievous

Being Mischievous

Since I wasn’t ever going to be her lover,
I decided to be mischievously helpful

by buying for her a vibrator,
along with a selection of lubricants
with which she can erotically experiment …

Since I’m not ever going to be her lover,
I also opted to purchase for her,

still very much mischievously,
an ever-ready cock-shaped dildo –

it’ll probably perform more reliably,
in a certain major way, if I may be so bold to say,
than all the guys she’s ever going to meet –

it is a rather lengthy fellow, based upon
the erection of a porn performer who was well enough endowed …

As I amuse myself with the idea
that her future boyfriends won’t ever be able
to measure up, in more ways than one,
I find myself again wondering about
a question that I’ve long pondered,

with a certain mischievous glint in my eye:
how young should a young woman still be
when she starts enjoying the “adult toys”
I’m going to be giving to her?

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