d.a. pratt | two new poems

Of this I am certain …

As I noted, over and over again, the way
her blue jeans seemed to be enjoying
their grip on her lower body,
I told myself, for the umpteenth time,
that women and blue jeans
are meant for each other –
men wear jeans, I’ve often observed,
in a completely different way,
at least most of the time,
than the way girls and women do …
With this in mind, I told myself, yet again,
with some amusement, I have to say,
that I’m sure no one, absolutely no one,
has ever looked at me
when I’ve been wearing blue jeans
in the same way I’ve been looking
at her … various reasons, of course,
but one of them is the simple fact
that the denim I’ve been wearing
has not ever gripped my body
the way her blue jeans
are carnally caressing hers … not ever,
not even once … of this I am certain …

If I am any indication …

Our world is falling apart
in the twenty-first century
in so many countless ways,
with most of them utterly unseen by most of us
during our overly ordinary day-to-day lives,
but I’m taken away from all this by
watching the way she is wearing
her blue jeans –
she’s the latest Venus to be, for me,
delightfully distracting in denim blue …
At times, some men are
soooo simplistically idiotic, if
I am any indication …

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