dave roskos | fiberglass


I put insulation in one of the houses
we gutted, 100 dollars for 8 hours.
doing it again tomorrow,
which is my son Ayler’ s birthday.
It’s also William Blake’s birthday.
Feel like smoking weed,
but haven’t. I go through
this periodically.
It’s all one poem.
It’s all one drone,
says Made In America
on our shrapnel,
Made in China on our shoes.
Ayler is going to be sixteen.
William Blake is going to be
two hundred fifty five.
Watched a documentary
about The Dust Bowl
on channel 13.
Peter Coyote narrated it.
Peter Coyote was a Digger’ in the 60s.
The Diggers had Free Stores.
FEMA has a Free Store
on Fischer Blvd, but ya need
a FEMA card to shop there.
The Red Cross has been
in Seaside handing out
Free Lunch to home owners
& day laborers,
just like the lunch truck
that used to come around
to the factory, only it’s Free.
Abbie Hoffman changed his name to Free,
scrawled it on his forehead.
Then he went underground
& changed it to Freed.
& the pigs
danced a jig
of billy clubs & jails
riot gear & water cannons
full of fear
while America watched it
on television drinking beer.
Factory rimes with catastrophe.

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