eddie mount | don't throw the corpses on our door step

Don’t throw the corpses on our door step

Bullets take leisurely strolls through Children’s heads
Bottles the color of a rainbow
Fall from the sky like satanic manna
Embedding themselves in flesh weary skulls

Gangs defy natural law
Float like angels
Through kneeling crowds awaiting the sacrament of death

Wind whistles through skeletons
Hung like piñatas
Crashing to earth as fine bone china
Spines snapping in time
To a Chuck Berry song

Giant earthmovers
Push the garbage
The refuse
The tears
The broken
The lost
To remote stalags
Black as onyx
The weight cause continents to sink
The Earth to wobble and dance
Like a mad king
Like a vengeful God

It’s okay
It will be fine
Just don’t throw the corpses on our doorstep

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