eddie mount | god smiled

God Smiled

Savage cold froze tears
Shed in the unquenchable fires
The click clack of cattle cars
On smooth highways of steel
Like the coiled rattle of snakes
Venomous and demanding

The air was stale
Tainted by tired breath
Love had no place here
It fled
Embarrassed by its weakness
Its false heart
Yet singing its own glory
Skipping and holding hands with invisible Justice

Herded into shacks
Made of Earth bone
Cursed wood
And the dried hides of Demons
The tortured screams of sacrificial lambs
drowning out all sounds
Of normalcy
Appendages of the damned
Clawed Blood runes onto wooden floors
Incantations invoking divinity

“Am I not a Son of David?”
“Wouldst thou forsake me Lord?”

The sky rumbled and parted in majestic display

Huddled skeletal monsters
Where flesh refused to take root
Bones growing
Skin withering
Daughters raped
The teeth of Sons removed for metal
To fashion chariots for ancient Death Kings
Lifetimes removed from false hope
A miasma of evil Blotted Sun
it will never be innocent again
Nor will it ever shine as bright

Liberators bearing sticks of death
Saw the walking corpses
In this camp of death
They vomited up fake hellos
And shallow meanderings
Of a distant sanity
Forever lost
To evil’s banal face

The world stopped
And was redefined

The skeletal horde
Walked as collective accusations

As one man
they looked
To the sky
And demanded
“How can this be?”

The sky parted
Seraphim’s and Elohim’s
Bore the Arc of the Covenant
Blazing in Nova light
Powerful voices Boomed
Across the darkened sky
“Holy Holy Holy”
“Behold the face of omnipotence”

God Looked down


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