seth howard | the new aesthetic


We hear this:
I thought I told you not to leave
The blinds undrawn when you leave
The house at night
But you didn’t listen
Even though I told you
Not to?
We hear this:
Night streets all alight
Wanderers of the darkness
Putting up the fight

And why should I write
Like other people?
Other people don’t know
What’s going on in my head
And like I said
Why should I write like
Other people
We hear this:
All THAT went out the window
Long ago, and has been
Replaced by something
Altogether different

Is that so?
If you don’t believe me
Ask him, he’s sitting right there
I don’t think you’d
Be bothering him
In fact it looks as though
He’s got nothing on his plate
At the moment

You think so?
Oh I know this end was meant
To be, you see
It’s clear
We hear

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