gary c. busha | on the dock

Looking in the water
there is depth and mystery
the boy imagines.

On Show and Tell day
the boy told of the wonders
of matchbook covers.

The boy knows every
tree worth climbing from here
to Timbuktu.

The tick of the clock
and the boy’s heart thumping
in unison.

Lying in the grass
the boy comes face to face
with Walt Whitman.

To amuse himself
the boy colors in all the bras
in the Sears catalog.

The leaves from the dock
land on water like little boats
off on a long voyage.

Misunderstanding boredom
the boy thinks it’s a land
where boars live.

Counting oak leaf veins
the boy compares them to
the veins in his hand.

Wondering on the dock
why things are as they are
and why what is … is.

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