john bennett | the name king

The Name King

In the
name of
the father
in the
name of
the Roman
Empire in
the name
of Trout
Fishing in
America in
the name
of all
the dead
Kennedys in
the name
of all that
makes sense
& all that
doesn’t &
all the
people who
can’t tell
the difference
in the
name of
explanations &
the graduating
class of

In the
name of
the trashmen
of our
dreams &
the garbage
collectors of
our wasted
days in
the name of
lost love
in the
name of
the worthy
opponent &
his second
loading the
pistol in
the name
of the
artist &
the flimflam
man &
the seller
of snake
oil in
the name of
those who
go on
living past
the frontier
of hope
puking pebbles
& waving
their fists
at the
moon in
the name
of the
goon squad
& the
tennis champ
& all the
queers in
Chicago in
the name of
chocolate pudding
& the
subway train
in the
name of
the nameless
fears &
blind alleys
in the
name of
dead children.

In the
name of
legless beggars
& dwarves
in the
name of
the guillotine
& the
chopping block
where the
wood gets
split in
the name
of Attila
the Hun
& his
cousins in
the name
of black
spiders in
your underwear
& in
the name
of whatever
it was
that just went
flashing by.

In the
name of
subservience &
the extra
time it
buys in
the name of
the lost
sock in
the laundromat
& the
pocket watch
that’s stopped
ticking in
the name of
poison darts &
bright skyline
in the
name of the
death rattle
the oxygen
tank &
Viagra in
the name
of the
whole ball
of wax
that melts
& runs
like a

What’s in
a name

An excuse
to be

All hail the
Name King,
spinning thru
an impossible

click the Hcolom Press logo to visit the web page...HCOLOM PRESS is the heir to Vagabond Press, which began as a main player in the Mimeo Revolution of the Sixties and continued publishing right into the jaws of the new millennium. HCOLOM PRESS embodies the spirit of Vagabond Press, retooled for the times we live in.

Hcolom is Moloch spelled backwards. Moloch is an Old Testament deity to which children were sacrificed, a practice society still engages in with increased enthusiasm. Consumerism is the new Moloch, manifesting itself like cancer in war, politics, the arts and religion, in every nook and cranny of human endeavor, draining the intrinsic beauty out of life and mutilating the innocence and magic of childhood with its commercial meat hook. HCOLOM PRESS intends to publish books that by their nature repudiate this pernicious force–novels, poetry, children’s books and books that transcend genre.

Our launch book, in June of 2006, was John Bennett’s novel, Tire Grabbers, a fable of sorts, a reality book rooted in the fantasy of our times, the story of the coming of Moloch and the children who rise up in rebellion against it.

Books of kindred spirit will follow close on its heels. Go for it by clicking here… or hit the Hcolom logo above… or just hit any of the following covers…

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