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True to Our Way of Life

He couldn’t count the times the ax came down and chopped off a toe. The loose plank flew up and took out his face. The times he crossed the double white line into oncoming. All the broken remains of the day that rained down like shards of glass, lacerating the future.

Once a world traveler, he now hunkers down in a rusted soup can with a weather-scarred label, and still there’s too much space around. This holds true for both body and mind. We won’t talk about soul, we won’t go there. That’s where the cigar-smoking ghosts hang out, pretending that something still might go right.

There’s no safety in action, no place to venture out to. No pot of gold, no opium-soaked Shangri-La, no yellow brick road. Happiness is a dream boat that gets torpedoed before it’s out of the harbor.

So sing your swan song as the polar ice melts and the oceans swallow up land mass. As drought blisters crops and eats into the silos. As tornadoes rip thru our civilized ways. To the bitter end someone will find a way to turn a profit, and not a one of us will turn lose of his credit card.

click the Hcolom Press logo to visit the web page...HCOLOM PRESS is the heir to Vagabond Press, which began as a main player in the Mimeo Revolution of the Sixties and continued publishing right into the jaws of the new millennium. HCOLOM PRESS embodies the spirit of Vagabond Press, retooled for the times we live in.

Hcolom is Moloch spelled backwards. Moloch is an Old Testament deity to which children were sacrificed, a practice society still engages in with increased enthusiasm. Consumerism is the new Moloch, manifesting itself like cancer in war, politics, the arts and religion, in every nook and cranny of human endeavor, draining the intrinsic beauty out of life and mutilating the innocence and magic of childhood with its commercial meat hook. HCOLOM PRESS intends to publish books that by their nature repudiate this pernicious force–novels, poetry, children’s books and books that transcend genre.

Our launch book, in June of 2006, was John Bennett’s novel, Tire Grabbers, a fable of sorts, a reality book rooted in the fantasy of our times, the story of the coming of Moloch and the children who rise up in rebellion against it.

Books of kindred spirit will follow close on its heels. Go for it by clicking here… or hit the Hcolom logo above…

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