rich quatrone | photographs


the reason i keep your photos
up in my room and the photos
of my sons is because they
surround me, protect me
with love.
the world can be such an
uncaring place. a place
where what is superficial
leaves us unfed and
this little magic house
apartment is filled with
love. everything about this
little haven is love.
the rooms filled with photos
and art and poems and music,
the books, everything is here
with love.
i am lonely here.
terribly lonely.
i’ve wanted to share this with you.
i need to share this with you.
even for short moments.
little visits.
overnight visits have been
the best.
but the photos of you,
even during this dark period
of our separation, protect me.
have you ever really stopped
to consider who has loved
us in our lives? i mean
really loved us? people who
would sacrifice for us, who would
carry part of our burden, people
we could cry to, yell to, in our
desperate attempt to connect
deeply with another human being.
these are the people we can
call in the middle of the long night
and know they will not hang up
on us.
how many are there, really.
and so, you, you in all these
photographs, an angel, a woman
with whom i have shared my body,
my mind, and my heart. how beautiful,
how rare.
as for your taking my photos down
in your room, all i can say is that
you must be either a very brave
soul or a very reckless one.
to intentionally take down such
good luck charms, such protective
photos of a sacred love, this
requires a kind of
confidence i simply do
not have.


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