rich quatrone | you know what gets you


about these so called leaders with their
photos with their hands raised with their
angry, macho, grave looks, as they lead
us into yet another war?
you know what really gets you?
that on both sides it will be poor people
who die, children, the old, women, the
sick, these are the ones who will die.
not these rich leaders in their palaces,
in their white houses, in their congressional,
senatorial offices, in their chauffeur driven
limousines. they’ll go home at night and sleep
in a warm bed and eat till their bellies
are full.
this is what really gets you.

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  1. I get the feeling that “their day” is coming … the insanely obscene inequality in society will cause things to boil over and it won’t be pretty … I have this sense anyway … probably after I’m gone but sooner than we all might expect … yes, this sort of thing really gets us …

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