seth howard | another seen within


Why was it whenever I looked at you I saw
Another face within? not as if you were not yourself
Or that there was any other, but a form hidden
Beneath what the eye sees, a flutter underneath

Not as if I looked whenever it was, but a hidden self
Within, was it not yourself? who you resembled

Would you become, beneath the skin, I knew
It to be you, not any other, there or then
Internally flickering, your personæ an inner
Ghost, yet all of life, who would you resemble
Whenever you became, to be you, I knew then

And there, when you lifted your eyes to speak
Yourself personified as one another, I looked

And saw, your face within (another?) one who
I once knew, representing, someone else
Someone represented in what I knew, memory
What I saw, seem to, be, came, to be you

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