ron whitehead | stevie fell out

Stevie fell out

there were more than twenty piled crammed
squeezed front and back with Grandaddy Dick

at the wheel speeding up Matanzas Road
to Centertown when the old Ford swerved

in the sharp Crow Nose curve the back passenger
door popped open and Stevie fell out when

Grandaddy Dick finally heard the backseat voices
yelling then screaming Stevie fell out Stevie fell out

the tires burned rubber skidding as Grandaddy Dick
slammed on the brakes luckily it was autumn

Stevie brushed leaves off his clothes and out of his
hair as he crawled out of the ditch then raced

to the car which he dove into thankful to be alive
and not left behind Grandaddy Dick yelled

somebody hold on to that boy as tires squealed
burning rubber again the car filled with several

generations flew into the night

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