ryan quinn flanagan | as martha tilton walks alone

As Martha Tilton Walks Alone

in an orderly fashion,
never understood it,
protesting at this place
at this time
to cause minimal
to the general public,
isn’t the whole point to debilitate
and disrupt?
To cripple the system?
To force the screws back to the bargaining
I don’t get the protesters these days,
they seem to have lost their way,
legislated to express certain grievances
on certain dates
for a specific period
of time,
and then,
only with the route
cleared by city officials.

It’s like the Russians had their revolution
and the Cubans had their Revolution
and then the balls of the world
crawled back up

there’s the whole herd mentality
of it all,
very unsavoury to the individual
people power, they say,
but isn’t an orgy just boring sex
More holes in the master plan?

I don’t think there should be any plan,
or otherwise.
Cities should burn like incense, at random.
Sock drawers should house bran cereals
and laminated bowel movements.
Cigarette lighters mating
with chimpanzees,
space junk falling to earth
like metallic NASA

I have seen, oh I
have seen…

The tall legs of the giraffe
like grandfather clocks
now tired of

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