ryan quinn flanagan | at-home ink blot test

At-Home Ink Blot Test

You ever done the at-home ink blot test?,
he asks.

What’s that?,
I say.

You know, the at home ink blot test:
where each time you take a dump
you wipe in different ways
(different durations, directions, angles etc.)
then look down at the toilet paper smear
and try to say what
it looks like.

You’re fucked up,
I say,
I think we should see other people.

You make us sound like two fags,
he says.

That’s the least of your worries, pal.

he asks.

I shake my head
finish my beer
get up
and leave.

I walk three blocks

To buy paper plates
and plastic utensils
for the party
in my head.

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