ryan quinn flanagan | mule


Rhinos go to the bathroom
and pigeons go to the bathroom
and people go to the bathroom
and mules go to the bathroom

and I opened the door to the crapper
and saw him there,
squatting over the linoleum
face flushed with effort,
with those balloons
those tiny knotted balloons
dropping out of his ass
one by one
like reluctant paratroopers.

I can’t stand fishing them out of toilet water,
he confessed,
a little privacy if you please.

I closed the crapper door over
and went back to the party.

Someone told a joke
and most everyone laughed.

By the door
there was a Matisse print
and a rubber welcome mat
covered in shoes.

It was going to be a fine evening, Mr. Oppenheimer,
a fine evening indeed.

Sunglasses for the glare.

A sense of humour
for the rest.

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