ryan quinn flanagan | the midget at the bus stop

The Midget at the Bus Stop

He stands inside the glass enclosure.

His little arms
and legs
like blocks of Lego.

The bus pulls up to the curb
comes to a stop
with much hissing roach exhaust
the door opens.

And the midget struggles
to traverse the snow bank.

He is crawling on all fours,
Man devolving.

Back to the trees for us
it seems.

Our tiny friend beats his Everest
and disappears
into the

The bus labours away from the curb
like a half-poached rhino
on safari.

There is an advertisement on the back
with a woman sucking on a popsicle.

She really likes that popsicle.

She seems to be winking her giant billboard eye
at me.

I wonder what they’re selling
as I follow the midget

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