seth howard | promises


Smoke from incense, ghostly smell
That lingers though the days go on
Stays with one, and I can tell
I won’t be doing this for long
The storm outside, the hope
I kept, I tried so hard to
Stay in step, but dreams are
Hard to realize

As smoke drifts up in air
I tried so hard to empathize
I tried so hard to care
Too bad, I thought, looked
In your eyes, too bad it had
To be, that way, if only
Things had changed a bit
If only you could stay

I thought about it all night long
The memories we made
Those days we filled with song
And bade each other move
Along—we tried, but nothing
Could be done—to think
The things life takes away,
It’s sad but now I feel I know
You’re not the only one

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