seth howard | torchsong


I held the papers in my hand
Knowing they would burn
As dry leaves burned under
A magnifying glass, the sun
Knowing full well, the weight of
The world, what I had done
To get there, rising up now
Almost skipping up the stairs
Quick, so that no one may
Find you, catch you unawares
Spiraling up, the staircase
My footsteps echoed down
Below, I took the lighter in my
Hand, and it seemed almost
As though I had done this once
Before, but no, the flame had
Caught, I brought the pages
Level with my eyes, one last
Glimpse, and how time flies
Except when watching
Burning words take flight
Releasing my fingers they drop
And time slows entropic, the
Seconds—watch flames flicker
Ashes aglow where the
Wind finds course, Falling
Down flights, dropping in the
Light, dispersing as ashes do
When watched by a sole
Observer, then fading,
Torchsong, gone from sight

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