seth howard | what makes you feel


I looked out behind darkening eyes
Looked out, and I could see the Sunrise
Breaking before the hill, the starlight
Over with the marsh hawk’s cries

I could feel the world expanding
On my own, each day a discovery
And the marsh hawk landing
On a branch, I speak in reverie

Of those days I knew so well
Stumbling through dark
deserted streets, where no one
Could hear you yell

I tell of things that were surely
Best forgotten, down the rabbit
Hole again, something smells
Rotten in Denmark my friend

But you knew that, you said
As you stood up to take your leave
Something inside you led
You to a different place

And I wasn’t the type to hold
You there, fair thee well,
Take care, you made off with
A leer, and only I remained…

Wasn’t that the way it always was
If you managed to stay in one place—
The world slips off around you
Leaving you a mirror, and a face

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