ron whitehead | lovers, we usurp

lovers, we usurp

farther along
into her full wombed
bosom bare pink nippled frail
naked orphan she stands
by the tracks 3am moon
dust swirls round her bony ankles
castout dirtydark brokenbleeding
refugee fragilesweet embrace her
majestic northern roselipped
unadorned outer banks beauty
outlawed immigrant lovers
we usurp the rusted iron endless
volcanoed north sea railroad
exuberance of the sinking island
mount pisgah to ocracoke to iceland and beyond
sand wind fire ice big rock storraklopp
tectonic grinding our bones
dissembling rubies sapphires emeralds
crows ravens sparrows unflinching we stare
abandoned eyes whispered prayers we
see the crumbled conchskewed hatteras
graveyard of the atlantic lighthouse
forever crumbleshelled guiding us to
shipwrecked beaches failure lovers
we usurp failure failure be our viking bonefire
lighthouse guiding us torn lovers
lovers we usurp

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