steve dalachinsky | memory & skin / soundbound

David S. Ware | Art work by Oskaras Anosovas

memory & skin / soundbound

for David S. Ware

his sound is linked to memory & skin – the harsh screaming that skin does when lovers
in a dry sweat rub against each other – full his sound filled with what we all have beneath
our skins repeating memory of body / soul / spirit
reviving memory of body / soul / spirit & then dropped
swimming he drops memories on the air
they are forgotten & gotten again the way memories are revived
like skin hollowed out – scraping against itself producing a metal sound
a vocal stab in the back @ futures’ end separating memory from word
heart from eye hanging in air circling each other star & stone death & life
like water burning skin for our serenity sanity & sentient memory

his sound wanders around the present
as if it no longer existed- already the future – rough surface delicate surface
i am already memory have already forgotten my name
his sound – a sound that saturates the street
wandering around the present – presented in a wilderness of moons
reminds us to forget what is remembered & remember to forget
the extravagance of breathing of making breath a language
words into dialogues – fantastic clean abrasive surfaces
a matter of (dis)course – the luxury of breathing releasing breath like word – all the
voices & celebratory songs – releasing breath colliding with the air in my brother’s house
the ancestors coming forth thru the valves of the big man’s horn
making each hair stand on end – way down into the blues & away
all the way from the depths – all the way – rich linear wielding –
a jettisoned luminosity beyond the edge of this earth all the way down all the way down
to the bottom of your shoes
the force – the discharge – the flavor of a native land seen heard tasted smelled
the land of birth discounted – the isolation & falling – unborn levels of the cry
pieces of where you are NOW – your call – ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
– ahhhhhhh uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
an organic form (cadenza) crisp as color – the music bouncing from one skin to another
one cloud to another moving eastward northward westward southward moving the skin
outward up upward downward pushing the heart bones soul in all directions unbound sound sound unbound
– a new blues – in & beyond tradition immediate
bound for the centuries – a wall of chaotic joys – sobs unbound sound bound
the blues new dues your memories in the future – fragments of tomorrow – another you
there’ll never be another you in the midst of this warm winter evening
saxophone memory hung like the moon enclosed in this room like memory & skin.
like the wind in a wilderness of MOTION & SOUND…

you arise & rise with the WISDOM of UNCERTAINTY
& travel through some inner space – your new flight of i at its beginnings.

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